ZMO中山棋牌游戏 D4410气体传感器模块解决方案
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  IDT公司的ZMOD4410是用来检测总挥发性 有机物(TVOC)和监测← 室内空气质量(IAQ)的气体棋牌游戏平台传感器模块,包括气体检测元件和CMOS信号调理IC(IDT的ZSSC3250)。模块的检测元件包括基于硅(Si)MEMS结构的加热元件和金属┰氧化物(MOX)化学电阻器,而信号调理器控制传感器温度和测量MOx导电率◤(气体浓度的函数).I2C接口高达400kHz,可调ADC分辨率,最高16位,内置用户数据的非易失存储器(NVM),工作温度-40℃ □ 到65℃,工作电压1.7V到3.6V,主要用在室内空气检测,用于健康和舒适的家庭,办公室和个人环境的监视器,检测有害材料和不健康条件如建筑材料烟雾。本文介绍了ZMOD4410主要特性,框图,应用电路以及评估板ZMOD4410 EVK主要特性,通信板和传感器板电路,材料清单和PCB设计图。

  ゎ Automation based on indoor ambient air quality (HVAC, airpurifiers, thermostats, etc.)The ZMOD4410 Gas Sensor Module is designed for detecTIng totalvolaTIle organic compounds (TVOC) and monitoring indoor airquality (IAQ)。 It is a 12-pin LGA assembly (3.0 x 3.0 x 0.7 mm) thatconsists of a gas sense element and a CMOS signal condiTIoning IC (IDT’s ZSSC3250)。 The module’s sense element consists ofheater element on a べ げSi-based MEMS structure and a metal ‖ oxide(MOx) chemiresistor. The signal ㎡ 棋牌游戏平台十大排名condiTIoner controls the sensortemperature °and measures the MOx →conductivity, which is ×afunction of the gas concentration.

  The measurement results can be read via an I2C interface with theuser’s microprocessor, which processes the data to determine theTVOC concentration, IAQ rating and estimated carbon dioxide(eCO2) level. With △ its low operating current consumption, theZMOD4410 is an excellent choice for low-voltage and low-powerbattery applications. Built-in nonvolatile memory (NVM) stores theconfiguration and provides space for arbitrary user data.


  ? Measurement of total organic compounds (TVOC)concentrations and indoor air quality (IAQ)

  ? Module algorithm estimates carbon dioxide level ‖ (eCO2)

  ?ぁ Multiplexed input channel for heater, resistance, つandtemperature ゐmeasurements

  ? Heater driver and ▅ regulation loop for constant heater voltageor ♀ constant heater resistance

  ? Internal auto-compensated temperature sensor; not stresssensitive

  ? I2C interface: up to 400kHz

  ? Configurable alarm/interrupt output with static and adaptivelevels

  ? Adjustable ADC resolution for optimal speed versusresolution: 16-bit maximum

  ? Built-in nonvolatile memory (NVM) for user data

  ? Extremely low average power consumption in low μW range

  ? Excellent for low-voltage and low-power battery applications

  ? No external trimming components required

  ? External reset pin (active-LOW)

  ? Customization for mobile and consumer applications? █Siloxane ¢ resistant

  Physical Characteristics

  ? Wide operation temperature: -40℃ to 65℃

  ?◇ ※ Supply voltage: 1◆.7V to 3.6V

  ? え Package: 12-LGA

  ? Assembly size: 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.7 mm

  Available Support

  ? ZMOD4410 Evaluation Kit

  ? Manuals, ¤application notes, and white papers

  ? Instructional videos

  ? Programming libraries, example codes, and algorithmsupport to optimize performance

  ? Third-party certification for compliance with well-acceptedinternational IAQ standards


  ? Indoor air monitoring

  ? Monitor home, office,and personal environments for healthyconditions and comfort

  ? Detect hazardous materials and unhealthy conditions(e.g. fumes from construction materials)

  ? Automation ら based き on indoor ambient air quality (HVAC, airpurifiers, thermostats, etc.)

  卐 ※ [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案▽♀


  [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案


  评估板ZMOD4410 EVK

  The ZMOD4410 Evaluation Kit (◎ EVK) is designed for evaluatingIDT’s ZMOD4410 Gas Sensor Module for TVOC. The total volatileorganic compounds (TVOC) measurement is one of the indicatorsfor indoor air quality (IAQ)。

  The ZMOD4410 Evaluation Software allows Windows?-basedoperating systems to communicate with the ZMOD4410 EVK via aUSB connection on the user’s ♂ △computer, which functions as amaster. The software and additional related documentation …isavailable on the 卍 IDT website.

  The EVK’s Communication Board (HiCom) handles the interfacebetween the user’s computer and the ZMOD4410 module mountedon the か ZMOD4410 Sensor Board (Daughter ょ Board)。 Note: Only oneCommunication Board with one Sensor Board can be connected tothe computer at a time.

  The ZMOD4410 →Evaluation Kit uses an FDTI controller on theCommunication Board to handle the USB protocol, translatecommunications, and synchronize communications with the I2Cinterface. The Sensor Board includes a decoupling capacitor.

  The Communication Board has devices mounted on both sides.

  The components on the top side generate a stable supply voltage.

  A potentiometer can ざbe used to adjust the internal ▉ぅ supply voltagein the typical range from 1.7V to 3.6V. Alternatively, the user’sexternal supply voltage ぼ can ¤ be used. The intensity of the adjacentLED is proportional to the supply voltage.

  评估板ZMOD4410 EVK主要特性:

  ? User-friendly EVK expedites configuration and evaluation ofthe ZMOD4410 Gas Sensor

  ? The modular design of the ↑ EVK allows simple connection ofSensor Boards for different gas sensor derivatives and easyintegration with other sensor products ■ via the I2C interface

  ? The required ZMOD4410 Evaluation Software is available fordownload on the IDT website, which also provides backgroundinformation on TVOC, gas sensing, and sensor programming.

  ? The bill of materials (BOM) and schematics for theZMOD4410 ☆♀Communication Board and Sensor Board areprovided at 。

  评估板ZMOD4410 よEVK包括:も

  ? ZMOD44xx HiCom るCommunication Board

  ? ZMOD4410 Sensor Board ♀ with ZMOD4410 Gas ▍▎ SensorModule

  ? 0.5m Type-B USB to Micro-USB Cable

  [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  图3.评估板ZMOD4410 EVK外形图

  [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  图4.评估板ZMOD4410 EVK通信板电路图(1)

  こ [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  图5.评估板ZMOD4410 EVK通信板电路图(2)

  ♀ へ [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  图6.评估板ZMOD4410 ⊙◎ EVK传感器板电路图

 □  评估板ZMOD4410 EVK通信板材料清单:

 ▏  [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  评估板ZMOD4410 ╂ EVK传感器板材料清单:

  [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  图7.评估板ZMOD4410 EVK HiCom通信板PCB设计图:顶层◇

  [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案┮ ▋

  图8.评估板ZMOD4410 ぃEVK ゆ HiCom通信板PCB设计图:底层

  ◆棋牌游戏平台 [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  图9.评估板ZMOD4410 EVK 传感器板PCB设计图:顶层

  [原创] IDT ZMOD4410室内气体传感器解决方案

  图10.评估板ZMOD4410 EVK ぶ传感器板PCB设计图:底层






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